Medical Weight Loss

How does a physician supervised medical weight loss program differ from commercial programs? Did you ever notice the disclaimer at the bottom of commercial weight loss program ads? "Results are not typical." Results are typical with medical weight loss programs.

At Women for Women, we allow you to pick a plan that best suits you. We offer plans as low as 500 calories per day and sublingual HCG (under the tongue drops). No injections!

We suggest our medical detoxification program before you start the weight loss plan. Individuals losing large amounts of weight often do not feel good. This is often due to the large amount of toxins being released into the blood stream. This can be hazardous to your health (see "Detox First, Diet Second" Article). Most toxins live in fat cells. Therefore, the more fat your body contains, the greater the toxic load.

Upon signing up for a weight loss plan, your current medications will be reviewed to see if they are contributing to your weight gain. We will suggest more weight neutral medications when possible. Of course, as you lose weight, your dosage will decrease. As you become healthier, you may be able to discontinue your medication in some cases. Blood tests are done to determine if a hormonal imbalance is making it difficult to lose weight. We use state of the art technology to determine your unique caloric needs. A Body Composition Analysis is performed at each visit to ensure you are losing fat, and not muscle. ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing is recommended. Eating foods you are sensitive to can create chronic inflammation, making it difficult to lose weight as well as a host of other medical conditions.

Your will learn new healthy habits regarding food at your counseling sessions. Lastly, you may come to realize there are emotional issues and "unhealed wounds" beneath your challenges with weight. We encourage collaboration with a mental health practitioner to help you sort through these issues as they are often what stand between you and good health.

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Men are welcome too!


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